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Residential Services

At Mounting Now, we understand the sanctity and significance of a home. Whether you’re settling into a new house or refreshing your current abode, our residential services ensure every room echoes your personal style and functional needs. Our seasoned team is trained to handle a variety of household projects with precision, ensuring you get to enjoy a space that’s both comfortable and captivating

Commercial EE&F

At Mounting Now, our expertise in the commercial sector is unmatched. With a deep understanding of the unique needs and demands of businesses, we provide comprehensive FF&E solutions for a range of commercial establishments. From hotels to office spaces and retail environments, we aim to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your commercial space. Our services are not just about installation; it’s about creating an environment that resonates with your brand and facilitates seamless operations.

  • Furniture Assembly for Offices and Retail Spaces
  • Art Installation for Corporate Environments
  • Fitness Equipment Setup for Gyms and Recreational Areas
  • Gazebo Installation for Outdoor Commercial Spaces
  • Window Treatment Installation for Office Buildings
  • Customized Solutions for Hotels and Airbnb Establishments
  • Complete FF&E (Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment) Setup for Businesses
  • Play Equipment Construction for Commercial Playgrounds