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Install with our experts everything you need for your home! Gazebo – TV – Playground Set- Furniture and more!

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Expert Installation Services for Every Aspect of Your Home

Gazebo Installation

 With Mounting Now, every gazebo installation ensures stability, longevity, and perfect alignment with your landscape’s design.



Playground Set

At Mounting Now, we transform outdoor spaces into vibrant play areas. Our play equipment installation service guarantees safety, durability, and endless fun for kids.


Furniture Assembly

Transform flat-packed pieces into functional and stylish furniture with our expert assembly services. From desks to wardrobes, we ensure a stable and precise setup.


TV Mount

Experience a clutter-free and sleek look for your entertainment space with our professional TV mounting services. Safety and aesthetics hand in hand.


Elevate your space with precision-hung art. Mounting Now ensures your artwork is displayed with care, security, and optimal visual appeal.


Fitness assembly


Elevate your fitness journey with Mounting Now. Our expert team ensures your fitness equipment is set up for peak performance and safety.