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North Nashville, Tennessee

Crafted to be a haven of luxury in North Nashville, this home melds comfort with sophistication, offering the perfect space for memorable getaways.

About this Project

Nestled in the heart of North Nashville, this dwelling epitomizes a luxury retreat. With four spacious bedrooms, three pristine bathrooms, and an inviting open living area, it stands as the ideal spot for friends and family eyeing a luxury escape. Our installation crew meticulously set to work, assembling and installing all furnishings within a mere three-day span. From lighting fixtures and televisions to ceiling fans, artwork, and mirrors, each item was placed with precision, mirroring our passion for perfection. This feat was accomplished in partnership with a distinguished real estate rental company.”


Project Details

  • Location: North Nashville
  • Duration: 3 days
  • Key Features: Assembled and installed furniture, lighting fixtures, TVs, ceiling fans, artwork, mirrors.