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Nashville Ensemble: Sixfold Elegance

In the heart of Nashville, six homes stand as a testament to elegance, comfort, and efficient design

About this Project

A monumental undertaking in Nashville saw our team bring to life six distinct homes, each oozing sophistication and luxury. Spanning four bedrooms and four bathrooms each, these homes aren’t just about numbers — they’re about an experience. Every corner whispers luxury, from the private roof terraces that offer a slice of the sky, to the fully-equipped outdoor kitchens ready to host gastronomic feasts. Completing this vast project in just 10 days, our installation team carefully orchestrated the assembly of furniture, art placements, and fixture installations across each property. Every detail, down to debris management, was executed with precision and care.


Project Details

  • Location: Nashville, Tennessee
  • Key Features: Six houses, private parking, roof terraces, outdoor kitchens, hot tubs, and a cohesive design ethos
  • Duration: 10 days