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East Nashville Duo: Vacation Homes Elevated

A stellar collaboration with a top vacation home rental company saw us transforming two East Nashville residences into the epitome of holiday luxury.

About this Project

When it comes to vacation homes, the essence is in the details. Over three intensive days, our team diligently unboxed, assembled, and strategically placed each furniture piece, aligning with the vision set by renowned designers. From installing state-of-the-art TVs to hanging intricate artworks and adjusting bathroom hardware, every task was handled with precision and expertise. The outcome? Two pristine properties ready to offer guests an unparalleled vacationing experience


Project Details

  • Location: East Nashville, Tennessee
  • Key Features: Two houses, 3 bedrooms each, office spaces, and spacious living rooms.
  • Time Taken: “3 Days”
  • Service Highlights: “Full Assembly, Installation, Debris Management”