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Expertise in Hospitality, Commercial, and Residential Installation: Mastering Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment.

About Our Company

Delivering Precision & Excellence: Your Trusted Partner in Comprehensive Residential and Commercial Installation Services throughout Tennessee.

About Mounting Now

At Mounting Now, we pride ourselves on merging precision craftsmanship with unparalleled quality. As specialists in the assembly and installation of diverse furniture and fixtures, we cater to both residential and commercial needs across the state of Tennessee. 

Our seasoned team brings not just experience but an unwavering commitment to every project, ensuring each task is executed to perfection. Our dedication extends beyond the job, manifesting in the trust and satisfaction of our valued clients.

Only the Best


Where Can You Find Us?

Strategically located in Tennessee, we’re within reach for clients across the state, ensuring our expertise is available when and where it’s needed.


What Sets Us Apart?

We offer unmatched dedication and experience in both residential and commercial installations. Our commitment to quality and efficiency is what defines us and ensures client satisfaction.


Why Choose Us?

Armed with the right skills and tools, we guarantee swift, safe, and professional installations, making certain every project aligns with our standards of excellence.

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